Main Lectures

Introducing some of both domestic and international lectures by the director

Calender Shedule Country Held Held by
(Congress / Meeting / University / Society)
2009/11/23 UK UEGW “Magnifying Chromoendoscopy diagnosis for serrated adenoma”
2009/10/14-17 Japan JDDW 2009 KYOTO Chaired session "How to treat serrated adenoma"
2008/11/8 Japan Tochigi Prefecture GI Endoscopy Congress Special lecture,“Challenges of colonoscopy diagnosis and therapy at clinics”
2008/6/25 Japan Hyogo Prefecture Therapeutic Endoscopy Meeting Lectured “Risk Management and Colonoscopy; from clinics perspective”at Kobe
2008/6/19 Japan Central Niigata Prefecture Endoscopy Congress Lectured “Risk Management and Colonoscopy; from clinics perspective”at Niigata
2008/5/26 Japan 75th JGES Chaired 3rd Magnifying colonoscopy cingress
2008/2/10-11 Japan International Workshop on Nonpolypoid mucosal colorectal neoplasia in Kyoto Lectured about LST(Latterary Spreading Tumor)
2008/2/7-8 Japan 4th Annual meeting of Japanese Gastroenterological Association Coordinator of discussion session "Colonoscopy"
2007/10/15-18 Japan APDW Lectured Magnifying Colonoscopy
2007/6 USA GIE Publishing "Endoscopic closure using normal endoscope and originally designed 8 ring after colon polyp resection"
2007/5/9-11 Japan 73rd JGES Lectured "Tips and Tricks of Colonoscopy master"
2007/3/17-18 Japan 6th Yokohama International Live Demonstration Live demonstration of Therapeutic Colonoscopy
2006/10/21-25 Germany UEGW Video lecture of the use of 8 Ring
2006/9/16 Japan JGES
20th post graduate course
Lecturing "Colonoscopy examination anf insertion method at my clinic"
2006/5/20-25 USA DDW Lecturing "Endoscopic closure technique using 8 ring"
2006/3/18-19 Japan 5th Yokohama International Live Demonstration Showed live demonstration as a Colonoscopy faculty
2003/10/18 Japan 66th JGES Lectured "Therapeutic Colonoscopy and insertion method"
Activities before Sep, 2009 has been released due to large amount
2003/5/17-22 USA DDW Lectured "How to close and prevent bleeding after resection of large tumor instantly"
2003/3/27-29 Korea
2nd Japan - Korea GI Endoscopy Symposium Invited to lecture "Colonoscopy"
2003/2/15-23 Spain
Edoscopy Congress in Spain Invited to lecture "Colonoscopy"
2002/5/16-24 USA
San Franchisco
American Gastroenterological Association Lectured Magnifying Colonoscopy
2002/5/16-24 USA
San Franchisco
Stanford University Invited to lecture "Colonoscopy"
2002/4 UK
Congress held in Leeds University Invited to lecture "Colon Cancer" as part of Japan / UK joint research
2002/3/11-16 Germany
German Congress Invited to lecture "Colonoscopy"
2000/6/25-7/2 Germany
German Congress Invited to lecture "Colonoscopy"
2000/5/20-26 USA
San Diego
American Gastroenterological Association Lectured "The use of magnifying endoscope"
2000/2/5-20 Italy
Italian Congress Invited to lecture "Colonoscopy"
1999/1/16-21 USA
10th International Endoscopy Symposium Lectured "Colonoscopy"
1997/10/18-29 UK
UEGF Lectured "Colonoscopy"
1997/5/10-16 USA American Gastroenterological Association Lectured "Colonoscopy" and other participation
1996/5/17-26 USA
San Franchisco
American Gastroenterological Association Lectured "Findings of Ⅱc lesion in UK "

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