Flow of Upper GI Endoscopy


  1. Please take your dinner before 20PM before the examination day. After that you may not have any food except water.
  2. Please come to the clinic without taking breakfast taking a glass of water is allowed.
  3. If you are on daily medications (Blood pressure, Cardiology, Asthma etc.), please take them early in the morning (about 8AM), on the day of examination.
  4. Please wear closes which is easy to change and avoid wearing any jewelry or accessories as possible.

Flow of examination

  1. After arriving to the clinic, patients will be asked to drink some medicated water to clean the stomach.
  2. The patient will be sedated through injection for less stress during the endoscopy.
  3. Spray type anesthetic will be sprayed to the throat.
  4. Endoscopy will be inserted from the mouth to start the examination. Total examination takes about 10 to 15 minutes.

After endoscopy

From the effect of sedation and some drugs used in the colonoscopy, the patient may feel some dizziness. The patients will be asked to take some rest in the recovery room for a while. Please avoid driving after colonoscopy; it is extremely dangerous.

Precaution Statement

  1. Patients who are taking anticoagulant drugs will have some issue of bleeding when resecting polyps. They will be advised to stop medication 3days prior to the procedure. Our staff will make further explanation to those patients.
  2. Please tell before the preparation of any medical allergies as spray type anesthetic will be sprayed to the throat during preparation.
  3. Please feel free to tell the staff for those patients who feel or have a strong throat reflex, or had any bad experience with upper GI endoscopy before. We will try to take any precautions to make you feel better.

Gastric cancer screening

Difference between Barium examination and Endoscopic examination

Before, the major screening for gastric cancer was using barium. It is obvious that endoscopic examination, looking the stomach directly like a video camera, can provide superior detection of gastric cancer to barium examination, looking at a silhouette of the stomach.

Gastric Endoscopy

Gastric endoscopy was said to be very stressful in the past, but the evolution of the endoscopy itself, becoming more slim and soft, and the procedure change with light sedation made more safe and comfortable to receive.

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